Royal National Park, Marley Beach

Some images from the Royal National Park, south of Sydney, taken on the Marley Beach trail.

Newcastle Sunrise

Sunrise at Merewether Beach up in Newcastle.

Hermitage Foreshore Walk

Some images from a walk on the South side of Sydney harbour.

Beast of the Northern Borders

I recently participated in a group show titled 'Beastly' in which a group of artists from Animal Logic created a series of artworks that were on display at the Wedge Gallery at Kinokuniya, Sydney.

The piece I created - Beast of the Northern Borders - is below.

Beast of the Northern Boarders

And to tie in with this image is a new gallery on the photography portfolio featuring images from a trip I took to Norway back in 2013 which provided the inspiration behind this image.

Drama in the Sky

Drama in the skies - a random assortment of skies from early this year.